AGRICULTURE.CO.KE works for the green revolution in Kenya. We are convinced that in the next 10 years Kenya will have a massive growth in the area of Agriculture. There is enough fertile land that can be used to produce a wide range of products.

Where is no or underutilized potential in agriculture, in future it can be promoted for targeted projects.

The Promotion means:

  • Exemplifying of new solutions and technologies in Agriculture.
  • To promote awareness for natural production without the application of GENTEC.
  • Supporting the small scale farmers in setting up their farms.
  • Evaluating the financial viability and helping in finding initial financing
  • Building of a distribution networks

Our background is more of entrepreneurship than in the knowhow of Agriculture. We see our task in the interactive collaboration with the small scale farmers in Kenya and with the knowhow stakeholders in the country.

At our current activities on our test farm in Jua Kali, we rely on our close working together with the ministry of Agriculture in Kenya. The ministry helps willing and interested farmers with no cost in setting up of efficient and complete farms.

We wish you much fun on agriculture.co.ke and we look forward to any feedback.

Your opinion is important to us!

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